win.ini _3_ bounced and I have no idea why ????????????????

Tom twickline at
Tue Jun 24 02:51:10 CDT 2003

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

> Tom wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Okay it looks as if my last win.ini patch bounced
>> may I ask why ?
>> If there is a problem with it I will be more than glad to
>> send a patch to fix it.
>> I just need to know what is wrong with it.. I know
>> the second one was a little over done :)  but what is wrong with this 
>> one ??
>> last patch = 
>> Tom
> Hi,
> I /THINK/ Alexander has not finished handling his backlog yet. I know 
> I have some patches that I'm still waiting to see them go in, and a 
> patch that I have already given up on, that suddenly got merged. I 
> just wish Alexander would commit to saying "my backlog is now clear - 
> let me know if anything is missing", which would make us all a bit 
> easier on the patch list.
>          Shachar
Hi there Shachar,

Well ive thoght about this for some time now and I guess
I will speak now or forever shut the  -f-  up :)
I am in favor of a bounced patch list ... And how this would work 
is...... in short
if Alexandre thinks someones patch sucks he would re-direct it to a 
bounced list
and a verrrrrrrrry short answer why he thinks it sucks.. Then we would 
know if our patch is on que
or on the sucks list :))  And why he thinks it should be there .....

Then no one woul'd have to wonder !! Well only wonder how to fix our 
crapy patch so it will get excepted
the next time that is......

Anyone have any comments ?


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