quartz once again: was DEVENUM.DLL Implementation

Tom twickline at skybest.com
Tue Jun 24 04:25:34 CDT 2003

Mark Hannessen wrote:

>don't get me wrong, but i don't think there is any way to sue wineX for using 
>LGPL code against the author's will. as long as they do not violate LGPL 
>there is NO way to sue them.
>i've been following a discussion on the "arianne" mailinglist lately and some 
>guy wanted his GPL'ed GFX removed and was told to go to hell.


I will jump in on this conversation very late........

Once up on a time there was a Quartz.dll in wine and it went away... So 
I say leave the past in the the past....
And we should put your/our future energy into the *future* We can cry 
and scream untill
we turn blue in the face about the past but nothing will change !!...... 
The past is history
and that is where it should stay.. In HISTORY..
 So in the future if anyone cry's about the old quartz.dll im going to 
just reply.

There was once a quartz.dll in wine but that was a long time ago and we 
are now looking forward to the  the future with
a better more feature ritch/robust quartz.dll.
The old one was good but the next one will be even better..

Now the flames can start...
But that will be my future re-ply to all ex- QUARTZ questions ..


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