Status Page Dll's --My Status :)

Tom twickline at
Tue Jun 24 04:29:31 CDT 2003


Changes since lat post.....

Change Kernel Doc url to :

Add :  GDI32
worker:  Codeweavers, Aric Stwart, Huw D.M Davis, Alexandre Julliard
Status:  60%


Should I add in hal, icm, ctl3d, and other dll's that I dont have listed 
now or wait
untill the next update ?

if not i think ive got the dll's status about done..... if anyone thinks 
i should
add in the extra dll's ill have it ready in a day or so.... I just need 
to know what you guy's
think about the missing  _system_  dll's........ wait or now ????????


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