win.ini _3_ bounced and I have no idea why ????????????????

Tom twickline at
Tue Jun 24 06:05:12 CDT 2003

Shachar Shemesh wrote:

>In any case, I believe the subject only comes up after Alexander takes a
>vacation, and patches pile up. I think a simple policy where Alexander PROMISES
>that he will send a short email saying "as far as I'm concerned, all patches
>submitted more than 48 hours ago have been processed" will let us all know that
>this is the time to search for our patch in the latest CVS, and decide whether
>to resubmit, fix and resubmit,\

Okay.... On the point of fix and resubmit.......
If we don't know why the patch has been rejected .. how are we going to
know what was the major factor in it getting rejected in the first place 
was ?
Me my self I would much rather see a nice big * IT SUCKS * than nothing 
at all..........

> or ask for reasons for the reject.

and this is even more e-mail/work = moot

>I don't think a reject list is necessary for the standard case.
nope .. the standard would be accepted patches this is the bounced 
patch's case :)

Do we need a patch penguin ? The Kernel has one why not Wine ?? .......

Comments ?


>                Shachar

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