Localization to the Portuguese

E Lea ed at centralmanclc.com
Tue Jun 24 09:20:35 CDT 2003

>>>Your granfather's  spoke russian correct ?
>>>and the war in 1941 was was not a russian revolution ...... That would
>>>be 1917 the bolshevik revolution
>>>if my poor memory severs me correct......
>>>The point is you made a crack about americans not wanting to look at 
>>>there british roots in the english
>>>launauge. So I say you should not look at the bolshevik's in your 
>>>launguage as any one knows not to
>>>fight russia in the winter.... As you will soon freeze to death.......
>>>and you have railroads that our off gauge :)
>>                             ^^^
>>Do Americans have a word for grammer?
>"Grammer" ? Not the best way to criticize someone else's language...

I know, I cringed as soon as I clicked the "send" button, but by then it was
too late

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