Bidi B patch

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Wed Jun 25 14:37:35 CDT 2003

Alexandre Julliard |Wine Mailing Lists| wrote:
> Jeff Smith <whydoubt at> writes:
>>I'm sorry, so maybe it is not necessary, but how does
>>doing it the 'right way' add confusion?
> There is no 'right way', inside the source tree both are completely
> equivalent. Changing it adds confusion because you now have 1000 files
> doing it one way and 3 files doing it differently for no good reason.

This thread has been confusing me.
I was under the impression that when appropriate
people should be changing "" includes to <>.

I was wondering why I had this impression, and then remembered
this section on the wine janatorial page:

`Include statements should use <> instead of ""`

Is this now incorrect?

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