Bidi B patch

David Laight david at
Wed Jun 25 16:58:13 CDT 2003

> I'll try to find the discussion (if someone has a handy pointer - it 
> would be greatly apretiated), but if it turns out that it is necessary 
> because we use "" instead of <>, I don't think that counts ;-)

I believe that the difference between "" and <> is that if you use ""
the directory where the file that contains the #include is looked in
before the directories specified with -I and the 'standard' places.

This can make it VERY difficult to build with a local (aka hacked)
copy of an include file.  Also, if there are multiple files with the same
name it may not be obvious which one is actually included.

IMHO Using <> throughout is actually best - unless you actually really,
really want the file from the directory where the including file was found.


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