Wine Status DLL's #2

Robert North 7ownq0k402 at
Thu Jun 26 08:12:58 CDT 2003

Tom |Wine Mailing Lists| wrote:
> Here is #2 any one have any comments ?
> Tom

 > wintab32.dll 80%

Didn't see that one come in!
Nice to see it up on the list of dlls.

What I'm concerned about is seeing marked as 80% done.
(Aric, don't get me wrong, you've done a great job, but I think the
80% is a bit optimistic.)


1. It's not even in CVS yet.
2. I think there's a lot of work to do on the patch.
	I can't get it to work properly for either Painter or Photoshop,
	but I'm getting closer. Will have a demonstration patch & update
	on debugging out today.
	Aric tells me that it the code works for Codeweavers, and 		
	satisfies their needs perfectly.
3. Parts of the wintab spec are not implemented:
	Unicode not implemented.
	16 bit calls not implemented.
	The Manager part of the spec are not implemented (But I doubt
	any users will ever need them).
	Tablet Z order changes are not implemented, which
	can be important for many more complicated apps, like
	CAD systems.

I'd put the state of Wintab at 50% done, and once everything in
point 2. is done, I'd put it at 60-75%.

I suppose you could also add me as a worker on this DLL,
or if you want, wait till I submit the first patch ;-)
Apologies to Aric for raining on his parade.

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