Doom Legacy / Problems with DOS & and winedbg

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Thu Jun 26 14:39:19 CDT 2003

Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
>>you shouldn't need to change the mode, why do you want to switch to
>>32 ?
> since it complains in vm86 mode, I tried something different (all the
> others :))
>>since the pc has changed between the two exceptions, I assume several
>>int 21 take place in a row.
> yes, this is a dos prog... wich makes use of the long filename
> functions of win95.
>>so, if you use cont at the second exception, you're stuck as for the 
>>first one. So, you should use pass if you want the execution to be 
>>correct (even the second time)
> this is why I tried to switch to mode 16/32, to have no more problem
> (do you know how many int calls are made in a dos prog ? ;) 

in that case, you can use a different technique.
Add a DebugBreak(); call in the offending function, and run the program 
without the wine debugger. The first time the offending func will be 
used, the debugger will be opened (if this lets you go further without 
passing all the time)
As of today, there's no automated way of passing N times, nor ignoring a 
given exception (we could add what gdb does: a mapping of behavior 
between a given exception (signal in gdb) and the behavior: enter 
debugger, pass exception, continue, exit...)


Eric Pouech

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