Wine Status Changelog

Tom twickline at
Thu Jun 26 19:50:28 CDT 2003

Robert North wrote:

> Is this in the CVS tree?
>     Can't see it on the cvsweb page
>     or in the repository. 

I would like to apologize for any misunderstandings about
my post on the Wine Status changelog.

To clarify the Changelog that i'm working on is the
Wine Status Page Changelog and it can be found here:

I will add Robert North as a worker for Wintab32.
And since the patch from Aric has not been commit'd
to CVS the status that I have at this time has to be far to high.
So if there are no objections I will place the current status at 25%
and when the patches from Aric and Robert are commit'd
I will then raise the status to what they see as being appropriate.



> Cheers
>     -Rob.

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