CVS Install error: version mismatch 113/109

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sat Jun 28 10:44:28 CDT 2003

>>>>> "Moreno" == Moreno  <morenoca at> writes:

    Moreno> Il sab, 2003-06-28 alle 15:06, Uwe Bonnes ha scritto:
    >> >>>>> "Moreno" == Moreno <morenoca at> writes:
    >> Shut it down, then on the next wine start, the recent (and fitting)
    >> winserver should be invoked. If not, check your installation.
...                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Moreno> i use "ps -aux" to see if was running but nothing. Any other
    Moreno> suggest?  thx

So check that you don't have a dangling winserver in your path. And check
that you updated the winserver.

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