PATCH: dlls/commdlg/printdlg.c add casts

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Sat Jun 28 16:27:49 CDT 2003

> > No, L"x" is not guaranteed to do the things you think it does.
> > 
> > (It will use 4 byte characters, depending on how gcc is configured
> > or if you use -fwchar-short or so.)
> Doesn't Wine's comfigure complain if gcc doesn't understand
> -fshort-wchar? (It seems it doesn't, but I'm sure it did in the past...)

I am pretty sure it never did.
> Actually, since I can't find that option passed to gcc anymore, how does
> Wine gets its binary compatibility with native apps regarding this
> issue?

Hmm? The native apps when compiled use the option -fshort-wchar,
see : tools/winegcc.c:        gcc_argv[i++] = "-fshort-wchar";

> I'm asking because I saw a couple L"_text" while grepping for answering
> Mike...

There ain't:

./dlls/kernel/messages/ L"Success\n\x0000\x0000",
	is handled by wmc

./dlls/shlwapi/ordinal.c:       lstrlenW(L"{D0FCA420-D3F5-11CF-B211-00AA004AE837
./dlls/shlwapi/ordinal.c:       StrCpyW(a6,  L"{D0FCA420-D3F5-11CF-B211-00AA004A
	#if 0'ed out.

./include/wincrypt.h (and one other .h file) use L"" protected by MSVC

Ciao, Marcus

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