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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon Jun 30 01:19:29 CDT 2003

Tom wrote:

> Hello Shachar,
> I am going to update the ToDo page :
> And im wondering if you can send me a list of ToDo's that your
> aware of ?
> Thanks
> Tom
The tasks I'm talking about here are long term. Not all of them have 
been discussed on wine-devel yet. I'm CCing wine-devel in case anyone 
wants to object.

National Language Support - Remove "Hebrew and Arabic" - it's just part 
of BiDi if technology is what wer'e talking about. If interface 
localization is what wer'e talking about, then just add "add 
localization to more languages".

As a subitem of keyboard support, add "allow using a keyboard with keys 
outside the current locale codepage".

Tools - Add "perform Windows' reboot operations automatically when 

Under "Low priority" add "Windows ACL support".

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