regression of patch 8366

Oleg Prokhorov xolegpro at
Mon Jun 30 03:15:38 CDT 2003

Hello ,

  This patch

  Caused regression with application.

  If you click on a help button it will drop a messagebox which tells
  that 'No  browser found', it is normal. The anomality is that it is
  not possible to close messagebox by clicking "ok" button with a
  mouse. But both pressing "enter" and clicking close window icon work.

  The line which produce the problem is (dlls/ole2/compobj.c)

      apt->win = CreateWindowA(aptWinClass, NULL, 0,
                               0, 0, 0, 0,
                               0, 0, OLE32_hInstance, NULL);


Best regards,
 Oleg                          mailto:xolegpro at

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