wcmd aliases

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sat Mar 1 01:53:15 CST 2003

J. Grant wrote:
> Hello,
> A couple of aliases in wcmd would make life much simpler, common
> commands all have unix style alternatives such as dir -> ls, copy -> cp
> etc, could these be added as aliases of the DOS commands please? in the
> same way that dir works in the bash shell because it is aliased to ls.
IMO, this shouldn't be directly embedded into wcmd (dir isn't embedded 
into bash)
the console API provides the basic principles for aliases, and we should 
check if this behavior is sufficient for what you want
wcmd would just then support the principles of aliasing
some configuration files (as the autoexec.wine we already discussed) 
would contain the actual binds for the aliases (as bash does by the way)


Eric Pouech

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