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Sat Mar 1 09:54:10 CST 2003

huh ? In which way are you seeing it not work ?
'wineconsole wcmd' is enough to open a shell 

(wcmd.exe, symbolic  link to is already installed in
and is in %PATH%)
have you tried to do "wcmd /c wcmd" ? it fills the screen with "C:\" or
the windows drectory where you are, cannot stop it with ctrl-c !!
I will make a report when the backend patch will be applied.

> btw, wineconsole wcmd doesn't work
> you must use wineconsole
> (or use the patch from yesterday evening which introduces the
> --backend 
> wineconsole option)
will try it .

I totally forgot pipes... thanks for poiting it out.
> the only way I see is:
> 1/ in winconsole, redirect 2/stderr to a pipe (if it's a tty fd)
> 2/ this pipe (writing side) will be inherited by all wineconsole's 
> children (ie the ones using the console as output)
> 3/ then wineconsole can decide what to do with the pipe's output (for
> example if the screen is big enough print that information too...)
> but, this may require quite a big of an effort (especially for 3/)
> A+
> -- 
> Eric Pouech

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