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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Mar 1 12:51:34 CST 2003

> How does ida work with the mouse in Windows?  It should work exactly the
> same way in Wine.  That would be the least confusing of all, I'd think.
wineconsole has exactly the same behavior as windows...
quick edit flag comes from Windows
wineconsole registry layout is the same as Windows'
and in Windows, quick edit flag is off by default

>> I'm not saying this is easy to find out, but there's no other way out 
>> of it (we could however have default values in our default registry to 
>> get correct behavior for most used apps)
> Can this flag be set like in NT, where you click on the upper left
> corner widget to bring up an edit menu?
yes, in user backend mode, right click in the window, and select 
properties in the menu
- you'll have the ability to pick up all the settings, either for 
current session, or to retain the settings for all further sessions of 
the same executable (in last dialog box after you click ok)... as 
Windows do!


Eric Pouech

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