Geoff Thorpe geoff at geoffthorpe.net
Sat Mar 1 13:09:58 CST 2003

Hi all,

I've been fishing round for something resembling a feature-full yet not
overly flakey I-M client (with support for the commonly-used protocols).
After finding many of the X11-native clients insufficient in many
respects, I'd been making do with trillian under wine. However that too
experiences many problems and the modern win32 obsession of creating
irritating GUI mutations is probably the reason. Eg. window creation
sometimes hangs wine, dragging window location sometimes hangs wine,
fonts seem to go haywire from time to time, preferences dialog seems to
have various breakages, etc. So I was interested in trying out "Miranda
I-M" which looked from the screenshots (in default mode anyhow) to be a
reasonably conventional-looking win32 GUI client and seems to be under
active development judging by sourceforge stats.

Unfortunately after installation, which went pretty well, the program
fails to start quite early on with this;

fixme:file:FindFirstChangeNotificationA this is not supported yet (non-trivial).

<sigh> Am I going to regret enquiring what this means? :-)

So my question is in two parts;

(1) is the above something that I can work on and/or help anyone else
work on?

(2) does anyone know of any other win32-based I-M client (supporting at
least ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM) that is stable under wine?


Geoff Thorpe
geoff at geoffthorpe.net

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