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Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Mar 1 15:27:23 CST 2003

>> Err, just press Shift and the select the area you want to copy.
> That's not how it works under Windows, is it?  
no, it's xterm behavior

> I've never
> used shift when copying from a dos window in Windows.
> It's always "click on the mark icon", select, "click on the copy icon".
> Maybe what I'm looking for is those icons in the toolbar of wineconsole...
that could be done. Any taker ?

> Also, on those occasions where I've dared to try copy and paste
> in spite of the gyrations you have to go through to enable it,
> it produced corrupted data.  In particular, duplications.
> That's right -- not only was it hard to try, but it didn't work
> right once I figured it out.  This was three months ago or so, I think.
I fixed a bug last week on this issue (especially, if you increased the 
window size by hand before selecting/copying)


Eric Pouech

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