[OGL] Some updates...

Mathias Menzel-Nielsen matze at matzsoft.de
Sun Mar 2 12:51:20 CST 2003

Am Sonntag, dem 02. März 2003 um 19:06:17 +0100 meinte Lionel Ulmer:
> Hi all,
> This upgrades OpenGL to the latest GL spec files + adds the un-registered
> KTX extension for Buffer Regions (used it seems by SimCity 4).
> Changelog:
>  - update to latest GL spec files
>  - added KTX Buffer Region extension

Unfortanately this doesnt fix the SimCity4 issues. Screen still black (the 3D)
Although the error messages are gone : )

Mathias Menzel-Nielsen <matze at matzsoft.de> pub  1024D/9ABC606E
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