Wine dependancies

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Mon Mar 3 11:08:58 CST 2003

Just as a quick continuation from Dans mail, I thought I'd find out what
libs Wine actually required, at least on my build.


( for f in *.so; do ldd $f | sed 's/ =>.*//'; done ) | sort | uniq

in the $prefix/lib/wine/ directory produced the following list:

The inclusion of libgcc_s and libstdc++ is from the Direct3D code I
think, I didn't realise there were deps on the c++ libs.

Otherwise, it's a remarkably short list. I think maybe quite a few of
the libs are detected at runtime, I know there was a patch to make
OpenGL code detected like this (as opposed to enabled at compile time) -
despite having a driver for the Jack sound server in this directory for
instance, there is no dependancy on libjack. The other libs are fairly
standard and would be present on almost all installations. A few, like
the C++ libs and ncurses aren't a part of the LSB and at present would
need to be statically linked.

Mike Hearn <m.hearn at>
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