Mike Hearn m.hearn at signal.qinetiq.com
Mon Mar 3 11:19:10 CST 2003

> Hm ... is there anyway to tweak the window dragging so this locking
> isn't required? FWIW: I also occasionally saw window creation crash out,
> eg. if trillian was lurking in the status bar (KDE integration is cool
> for that, BTW :-) and a message came in, the chat window that gets
> created would run a 50/50 chance at best.

AFAIK no, the X locks are needed to do the XOR of the border on to the
screen when you're not using opaque drags (I don't know why trillian
does non-opaque drags like that....., maybe it's a wine bug after all,
I've not really used it on Windows).

> Well I'm not against doing so, but I don't know the wine internals at
> all. As I wouldn't really recognise "normal" operation anyway, it seems
> unlikely I'd have the faintest clue when I am observing "abnormal"
> operation. If there's a wine hacker who wants to crunch some bugs and I
> could provide some grunt-work, by all means please let me know. I hack
> code reasonably well, it's just wine's architecture (and to some extent
> win32 too) that throw up lots of question marks for me. For now, at
> least ...

I was in the same boat a few months ago. I'm still a total newbie, Wine
is large, but I know enough to fix some bugs now. It's not really as
hard as it looks, believe me :)

> Um, as mentioned - installation went fine, that fixme is what happened
> when I tried to launch the program after installation. It is the only
> output I saw, after which wine gave up immediately. There was no
> discernable GUI activity having taken place.

Sorry, I must have not been thinking originally. As I said, try doing
some traces, to see where the problem occurs:

wine --debugmsg +relay foo.exe 2>relay.log

> Yeah I'd guessed as much, partly from the name of the missing function,
> but especially given the "non-trivial" trailer (I can imagine such a
> thing being tricky with support on unix systems varying a lot as well as
> the complexity of working this into wineserver's state-machine).

Well FAM is pretty standard, even if it is apparently pretty disgusting
code inside. KDE and GNOME use it for instance, and it's even portable
between forms of UNIX. It's more a case of nobody has written it yet,
there are other more important things to write.

> The linux IM clients I've tried (gaim, everybuddy, etc) seem flakey at
> best.

There's an article up at gnomedesktop.org about the new GAIM which
should be released soon. It's looking a lot better than its
predecessor... but, having said that, I'm the one trying to make a Win32
chat program work :)

>  The original per-protocol clients seem ok (eg. yahoo's client) but
> I don't want closed-source advertisement-ware nor do I want to have a
> different program for each protocol (hell, I don't especially like
> I-Ming anyway, but situations demand it). I have this sinking feeling
> I'm going to end up running bochs which is a far more heavyweight
> solution than I'd prefer.

Yikes! You'd have to be really desperate to run an entire VM just for
one chat program....

> I would be most interested to know how you got it to run! :-) My wine
> installation is pretty much straight..

My setup is a bit different, I basically started with CrossOver, then
migrated it to Wine CVS, so all that's left is the original CrossOver
fake_windows directory and the config file, neither of which vary much
from the Wine defaults afaik.

The main difference is probably that I have IE6 installed, you may want
to try it first, as this installs some DLLs you are probably missing
otherwise. Doing some traces would tell you whether that's right or not.

thanks -mike

Mike Hearn <m.hearn at signal.qinetiq.com>
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