Relay trace indenting?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Mar 3 11:57:13 CST 2003

Mike Hearn wrote:
> I was under the impression this is what tools/examine-relay did?
> I never understood exactly how it does the indents though, it does it in
> a slightly non-intuitive way
non intuitive ? the only issue examine-relay currently have is that it 
doesn't split the output on the thread by thread basis... so, non 
intuition may mean thread switch ;-)
basically, examine-relay scans every relay output...
and recreates the stack on a per thread basis... if it encounters a 
CALL, it pushes the info as a func call... if it's a RET, it pops the 
function call

(well, script is a bit more complicated because of, for example, missing 
function RET, like you could get while in exception handling, or mixed 
relay and other types of traces...)

I have some patches in my tree to keep in sync with latest relay output, 
I may submit them one day or the other


Eric Pouech

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