revised direct sound capture patches

Robert Reif reif at
Tue Mar 4 06:59:28 CST 2003

I get over 40 errors in that test for waveOut stuff.  The new tests
I added add only a couple more.  I didn't think it would be a problem.
It shows that the wave in/out code need some more work (at
least with my hardware). The other new error is that a 2 MHz sample
rate is accepted for input.  These are not errors in the test but errors
in the oss driver and winmm code.

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> Robert Reif <reif at> writes:
> > tests.diff:    dlls/dsound/tests/dsound.c dlls/winmm/tests/wave.c
> >     fixes direct sound capture test to handle notifications properly
> >     don't give error when driver not present
> >     minor cleanups
> >     add waveIn tests to winmm
> The winmm test fails for me (with the alsa driver):
> wave.c:351: Test failed: waveInGetDevCapsA: MMSYSERR_BADDEVICEID expected, got 5
> Also next time please send separate patches in separate mails. Thanks.
> --
> Alexandre Julliard
> julliard at

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