FindFirstChangeNotification (Was: miranda)

Mike McCormack mike at
Tue Mar 4 10:08:10 CST 2003

Hi Hans,

Please don't write a FAM dependent implementation. This introduces an 
unnecessary dependency in Wine, and as you mentioned a polling solution 
to this problem is wasteful or CPU time.

I submitted a patch a couple of months ago that implements a kernel 
based solution (using F_NOTIFY) to the problem, which IMO is much nicer.

My patch is at:


Hans Leidekker wrote:

>>We sometimes doubt will be able to support correctly
>>FindFirstChangeNotification under Wine without proper kernel support,
>>which doesn't exist yet...
>>so it'd be a hard task
> You know, a couple of weeks ago I looked at the possibilities
> of a FAM based implementation, as suggested in bugrequest #588:
> There are other solutions (dnotify, fmon on FreeBSD), but FAM is
> available now on RedHat and Mandrake distributions, which gives 
> it an avantage. Furthermore, FAM will fall back to a polling
> strategy when kernel level support is absent. I think it's
> the best candidate.

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