Named Pipe patch

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Mar 4 13:55:10 CST 2003

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Mike McCormack <mike at> writes:
>>The patch moves away from using unix pipes to implement named pipes,
>>and instead implements pipes internally. This is necessary to
>>implement message mode properly (without race conditions).
> Could you explain this a bit more?  Why can't you use a datagram socket
> for message mode?  I think we really want to avoid doing I/O through
> the server, our I/O is already slow enough as it is...

Datagram sockets are unreliable, aren't they?

How about Posix message queues?  Oh, wait, Linux doesn't seem
to have those.  (Guess it's time to add posix message queue
tests to the LTP :-> )

- Dan

Dan Kegel

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