New conformance test for user32.dll

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Tue Mar 4 14:04:27 CST 2003

Ferenc Wagner wrote:

>               Hello,
>I put together a new test file for dlls/user/tests (find
>attached).  It tests undocumented behaviour (at least I
>couldn't find a word), but one of my apps depend on it.
>It's a first try, please have a look at it (I tried to
>follow the Developers' Guide) and tell me what I should do.
>I compiled a previous version (some code rearrangement
>happened since then) with MSVC, it ran fine on XP, ME and
>Win95, ie. all tests passed.
>In short: a LISTBOX window can have the LBS_NOSEL style
>option.  For me it seems it's only about appearance and
>nothing more.  But Wine implements it in a more meaningful
>way, unfortunately...
>I'd like to be sure about what's correct before patching the
>implementation.  Looking forward to your comments:
>                                       Feri.
>Insert listbox.c into CTESTS in Makefile{,.in} to run:

Patches should be in diff -u format. Please refer to the following link 
about submitting patches.


Tony Lambregts (Feeling like the patch Patch police)

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