Microsoft Installer compatability

David Fraser davidf at
Wed Mar 5 04:53:42 CST 2003

Mike Hearn wrote:

>I should spam the list less :)
>Easy way to write a Wine version of MSI? Hardly important at the moment,
>but might be in future.
Hmmmm ... I might be talking nonsense warning in advance:
I had a look at this a few months back, tried to port it to Linux to 
fiddle with MSIs.
If I'm correct in my memory, the problem was that it uses the Microsoft 
APIs to access the MSI files (i.e. it doesn't have its own msi file 
format parser), then dumps the database structure into .xml. So I guess 
it wouldn't be directly helpful to get Wine to do MSI as Wine doesn't 
have those API functions. Might be helpful for investigating stuff, 
seing examples of code, however.
On the other hand I might be wrong so if anyone's interested they should 
check with the project owner


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