Add wineconsole FIXME

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Mar 5 13:29:23 CST 2003

> wineconsole has problems with SetConsoleTitleA() when running with
> CURSES backend.
> Document that by adding a FIXME.
I think we should add it to wineconsole documentation too... once it 
gets written :-(

> Any solution to that problem?
not really. do you know what your app does after getting the window 
handle ? in some cases, it's used to either:
- check if the app is running
- or send messages (minimize/maximize, show/hide, quit)

I don't see very good solutions here... curses backend is intended to be 
run without USER loaded... so that would break this rule...
even, if we create a dummy window in wineconsole, without requiring USER 
to be loaded (using bare server requests), I'm not sure it'll cover all 
aspects of the issues (esp. what the app does once it gets the handle)

BTW, XP introduced a new API to implement in a sane way this window 
lookup 'GetConsoleWindow' (for the console attached to the current process)

(in the same type of issues, GetWindowThreadProcessId() will return 
bogus results)


Eric Pouech

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