winedbg b0rken on FreeBSD?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Wed Mar 5 14:43:10 CST 2003

> Is there anything I can do?
hard to tell from here...

from the things you could do is try to do is:
1/ winedbg diablo
2/ then when winedbg seems to hang, try to attach gdb to it (to the 
winedbg process, not the diablo's as you did). it may tell us where it fails

another option is to run with --debugmsg +server,+relay but you will get 
lots of traces... but it may show where things stop

and the third one is to run gdb thru winedbg (run winedbg -- --gdb 
diablo, and see what gives)


Eric Pouech

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