winedbg trouble

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Mar 7 00:56:27 CST 2003

OK, finally tried the new winedbg, and I'm afraid I'm mystified.

I wanted to debug my pipe regression test.  I tried
   winedbg pipe.exe
This starts out ok, printing stuff to stdout like I expect,
but then it does something very odd: it switches to
reverse video right before it prints "In 32-bit mode."
The "Wine-dbg>" prompt comes up, but it doesn't respond
to the keyboard.  Also, the display is stair-stepped, as
if the newline char isn't being interpreted as CR-LF.
Sounds like stdin is being put in raw mode.
I have to do 'killall wine' from another window.
It's just totally, mysteriously broken...
Before, I could actually use it, but now I'm just confused.

On the theory that for some unfathomable reason,
the correct command is now
   wineconsole winedbg pipe.exe
I tried that.  That behaved somewhat better in that it
responded to keystrokes, but it scrolls at line 25
no matter what size the window is, and trying to
do 'cont' or 'run' fails with messages like
   No process loaded, cannot execute 'cont'
And it's in that horrible reverse video.

Why can't winedbg just behave like gdb with respect
to stdin and stdout?  I'm at a loss.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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