LightWave 3D 7.5

George D.Plymale george at
Fri Mar 7 08:41:39 CST 2003

LightWave seems to be nearly working in Wine without _too_ many issues, 
but there are a few things that seem to leave it lacking.  I will 
attach the error_out logs that I get upon using the application a 
little bit. (Both Modeler.exe and LightWav.exe logs)

Visually and User Interface wise, some issues I see right off the top 
are things such as:

Deactivated text is red with a slight drop shadow (should be grayed out 
with that same drop shadow).
Some text is dislocated on menu buttons.
The numeric pad doesn't seem to function quite right (specifically, I 
tried to press the `+' key on the keypad to add an object to a scene in 
Menus do not deactivate when the user clicks outside of the menu.  This 
happens in both Modeler and LightWave (layout).  To get a menu to 
disappear one must click a nonactive or deactivated text portion of the 
menu, so this becomes very burdensome while manipulating the 

I have also had wine crash while using LightWav.exe, so there are some 
issues that need resolved beyond what I've outlined above, but I think 
the other issues will come out as the application is used once a 
"usable" point is reached and we start doing more thorough debugging.

The Hub application is also a bit problematic as it resides in the 
tray.  It does sit in my KDE 3.1 tray, which is neat, but when I right 
click it and tell it to exit, it does not quit so I end up having to 
kill all wine processes manually.  But the hub is the least of my 
concerns :) and I realize that tray apps don't work quite right yet.

I would be very happy to provide input, test and debug fixes if someone 
is able to provide patches and help for these issues.  I am using a cvs 
version of wine from about 1.5 weeks ago.  I have also tried winex cvs 
and it exhibits many, if not all of the same issues.  Winex may be 
slightly faster in terms of its directdraw functionality as LightWave 
uses directdraw.

Please advise if someone is willing to work through these issues with 
me and I will be happy to go out an acquire any information needed to 
get started.

Thanks much!  It sure is exciting to be _so close_ to leaving Windows 
entirely behind!!!

-George Plymale

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