some ntdll functions (2) - part 1: functions

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Fri Mar 7 11:45:20 CST 2003

thomas.mertes at writes:

> The extension makes sense. I can think of several good usages of this
> extension.
> Applications using the extended functionality will not run under native
> windows.
> Therefore I documented the extension as Difference.
> Summary: Using the "extend and embrace" strategy against M$.

This is silly. It's just a gratuitous incompatibility that will break
code for no good reason. Do you seriously think that people are going
to give up running on Windows so that they can have _ultoa allocate
memory for them?  The whole point of coding to the Windows API is to
run on Windows; if your app is not going to run on Windows there are
dozens of much better APIs to choose from.

If the ReactOS guys want to add incompatible extensions that's their
choice; but it's a mistake IMO, and it's definitely not something we
are going to do in Wine.

Alexandre Julliard
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