Adding shmserver (not subscribed)

juan at juan at
Fri Mar 7 14:40:24 CST 2003

Regarding the comments about shmserver's safety, I wanted to point out
that running the shmserver doesn't mean that you have to run multiple
processes in it.  You can still run multiple wine instances.  The
shmserver shows a performance improvement for a single application
(granted special kinds of applications), not just for several.

The shmserver reminds me of how Windows NT and OS/2 handle 16-bit apps: 
they can each run in their own process, or can several can run in the same
process to improve performance.  I realize this comparison isn't exact,
but I think the analogy is apt.

Why not include both servers?  If, as Gavriel asserts, the changes to
implement the shmserver can be small, maintaining both in the source tree
shouldn't be horrendous.


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