winedbg trouble

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Mar 8 08:15:22 CST 2003

> says it's ok to link libreadline to LGPL or X-licensed code.
ahhh at least, another license flamewar at sight

libreadline is GPL:ed

if I get the paper right, you're allowed to link together module A 
(LGPL) + module B (GPL), without A being immediately transformed as GPL...
(for sake of mind: A is current Wine, B is readline)

what's the license of module A+B, if you link them against a closed 
source module C (for sake of mind being a proprietary software, ported 
to Un*x using winelib) ?

can you use proprietary module (C) with A+B ? The answer seems to be no. 
So, this cannot be used for winelib (as we allow proprietary source to 
link against A)

so far Wine's policy has been to refuse to link against GPL for this 
(unclear) matter

Eric Pouech

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