Need help with define(s)

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Mon Mar 10 09:43:20 CST 2003

> Following Dan's advice I thought I would try my hand at 
> putting together 
> a regression test for RegSaveKey(A/W). Well I kind of run into a snag 
> with that, actualy a couple of them. The first is that the 
> counterpart 
> for RegSaveKey is a stub. Oh well thats OK. I can still write 
> the test 
> and mark it as todo. No not really. My current problem is as follows:
> LONG RegRestoreKey( HKEY /hKey/, LPCTSTR /lpFile/, DWORD /dwFlags/ );
> dwFlags can be one of the following constatants
> REG_FORCE_RESTORE (This value is not supported.on windows NT)
> Wine does not have these defined anywhere. Does anyone know what they 
> should be and where they should be defined?

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