Anyone working on ListView?

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Mar 10 10:42:56 CST 2003

I was wondering is there is anyone working on ListView?
The reason I ask? I got ACDSee 3.1 installed (see my last patch about typo)  &
working (well, sort of). It looks like ACDSee depends heavily relies on functionality
which is missing from ListView.
My question is: if I'll start hacking ListView will I be interfering with someone
else's work?

FYI: ACDSee - if not the best, for sure one of the best image viewers.
     Version 3.1 could be ran in "Sponsored mode" indefinitely as long as it connects
     to the I-net to get messages & banners.

Best regards,
 Vitaliy Margolen

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