LightWave 3D 7.5

George D.Plymale george at
Mon Mar 10 06:01:57 CST 2003

There is a demo version available from what I've seen.  If you have it 
installed without the dongle and license.key it will run in "discovery" 
mode which will not save in LightWave (layout).

I'm not sure if you can download it though... I'll have to figure that 
out and get back to you.


On Monday, March 10, 2003, at 04:31  AM, Mike Hearn wrote:

>> Visually and User Interface wise, some issues I see right off the top
>> are things such as:
> Doesn't LightWave use its own widget library? I seem to recall it's not
> a "native windows app" in that respect.
>> The Hub application is also a bit problematic as it resides in the
>> tray.  It does sit in my KDE 3.1 tray, which is neat,
> It does? Looks like KDE kept backwards compatability with the old
> protocol then. Interesting.
>> but when I right
>> click it and tell it to exit, it does not quit so I end up having to
>> kill all wine processes manually.  But the hub is the least of my
>> concerns :) and I realize that tray apps don't work quite right yet.
> They should work fine, at least in KDE. That sounds more like a problem
> with quitting than the tray.
>> I would be very happy to provide input, test and debug fixes if 
>> someone
>> is able to provide patches and help for these issues.  I am using a 
>> cvs
>> version of wine from about 1.5 weeks ago.  I have also tried winex cvs
>> and it exhibits many, if not all of the same issues.  Winex may be
>> slightly faster in terms of its directdraw functionality as LightWave
>> uses directdraw.
>> Please advise if someone is willing to work through these issues with
>> me and I will be happy to go out an acquire any information needed to
>> get started.
> To be honest, debugging is something best done by somebody familiar 
> with
> the app, and who actually has a copy. I don't know how much experience
> with coding you have, but I'd suggest you read the the wine users guide
> and developers guide, those give an intro to debugging and sit down and
> work through the problems. For crashes, try using winedbg to get a
> backtrace, if you can get a good backtrace that can help with crashes.
> They look like:
> ==> 1) function call ..... ebp=....
>     2) another function call .....
>     3) etc etc
> Otherwise try filing bugs in bugzilla related to the individual issues.
> Unless there is a demo version somewhere, it's unlikely any of us have
> a copy of LightWave, so you're the best person to debug it :)
> thanks -mike

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