id Return to castle wolfenstein - setup issue

J. Grant jg-lists at
Mon Mar 10 06:42:40 CST 2003


I have the Linux binaries for this game, however when running the
win32 installer under wine to get the pak files there were two errors,
one fatal/recursive.

wine ./setup.exe

The setup keycode enter screen is displayed. There are 5 boxes, similar
to ms-windows installation etc.

However after entering 2 characters in the boxes (4 char size) it tabs
to the next box.  So I have to click back to enter the remaining 2 chars
for the previous box etc.  This happens on all boxes, the end box is 2
chars, and it auto tabs after 1 char!

The error after I had clicked "next" was recursive:

ReadFontTbl: missing "{"
ReadFontTbl: missing "}"
ReadFontTbl: missing "{"
ReadFontTbl: missing "}"

etc etc
had to press ctrl+c to get out of it.

Is this because the font metric table rebuilding was done incorrectly?
or is it some other area of wine?

I could not find the font table config, has anyone else experienced any
of these two problems?

I thought it might be because my locale is UTF-8, however en_GB also had
both of these problems again.



please cc me in any replies

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