(5th) Janitorial dlls/advapi32/registry.c W->A cleanup

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Mon Mar 10 23:26:28 CST 2003

"Tony Lambregts" <tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net> wrote:

> >I'm not sure Alexandre will like it. Until for now, creation of the circular
> >dependencies were prohibitted. Probably it's better to use swprintf from ntdll,
> >
> &*#@ Well. I am very much at the end of my rope here. As I said from the 
> begining I could not find a way to use swprintf. If there is a way it is 
> not obvious. Now I may be thick at times but IMO there should be a way 
> of using swprintf here. So what am I missing.

There should be a way of using at least exported unicode APIs from ntdll,
but currently there is no even a header with their function prototypes.
Probably a better way would be to add wrappers for ntdll unicode APIs to
wine_unicode and use them instead. Alexandre, what way would you prefer?
Or perhaps some other one?

> >or a set of calls strcpyW/ntdll._ultow/strcatW.
> >
> I would prefer not to use this workaround except as a last resort. At 
> least,  I would like some definitive reason why we can't use swprintf.


> so this would be better.

[patch skipped]

Looks much better now. Thanks for your efforts.


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