(Mis)using threads

Vincent Béron vberon at mecano.gme.usherb.ca
Tue Mar 11 15:58:07 CST 2003

Florian Schirmer a écrit:
> What prevents wine from distributing timeslices correctly? Even if i
> renice/boost linux kernel sheduler of the whole wine process(es) things go
> wrong a lot. The processing thread gets way to small amount of attention.

If you boost all threads, they'll fight among themselves, although they 
should have more than normal Linux processes.

> Do you have some hints on how to boost the processing thread a bit? I'm
> perfectly happy with an (even ugly) hack. I've tried to identify the wine
> sheduler, but was unsuccesful :( Maybe you can point me in to right
> direction (file, line #)?

The scheduler seems to be in wine/scheduler. Specific files include 
scheduler/process.c and thread.c. thread.c mostly calls the wineserver 
for priorities, so you could also check in the server what it does with 

Most probably nothing is ever done with the Win32 priorities.


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