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Tue Mar 11 18:04:01 CST 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, George D.Plymale wrote:

> Out of curiosity, has Wine ever been made to work under BeOS?  I know
> some work was done long, long ago when BeOS was still "alive" but I
> wasn't sure if anything more had ever happened or changed since the
> news on

The site has moved to:

The last entry in the news section says:


BeWine is finished, works great and will solve all your problems. No,
just kidding. It's still stalled. The real news is that, apparently, you
folks have been pounding the server downloading X11. So I
have changed the links to point to my backup site (on my ISP, so if you
pound it, I may have to ration X11). Please let me know if any links are
broken. I've checked them, but, you never know. Also, the links on
BeBits are updated to reflect this change.

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