(Mis)using threads

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Wed Mar 12 02:09:56 CST 2003

tir, 2003-03-11 kl. 23:10 skrev Florian Schirmer:
> >The scheduler seems to be in wine/scheduler. Specific files include 
> >scheduler/process.c and thread.c. thread.c mostly calls the wineserver 
> >for priorities, so you could also check in the server what it does with 
> >that.
> Thanks, i will dig around a bit.
> >Most probably nothing is ever done with the Win32 priorities.
> Mhh doh. Maybe i should hack the sheduler a bit.

The Linux scheduler, you mean? Wine doesn't schedule threads on its own,
Win32 threads are just normal Linux threads. I'm sure we'd have done
something with the Win32 priorities a long time ago if we thought it
would work. But Linux doesn't allow a non-root process to increase its
scheduling priority (and of course people shouldn't run Wine as root),
so it mostly seemed to just be an exercise in futility, and that's why I
think nobody has bothered. And I don't expect this to improve...

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