(Mis)using threads

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Wed Mar 12 02:50:49 CST 2003

ons, 2003-03-12 kl. 09:45 skrev David Laight:
> > But Linux doesn't allow a non-root process to increase its
> > scheduling priority
> It ought to let you reduce it though....

Yeah, I believe it does, but I don't think it'll let you increase it
back to the original level afterwards. Anyway, the problem with doing
that is, if Wine would somehow reduce the priority of all "normal"
priority thread, and let "high-priority" threads run at original
priority, then Wine processes would be at a significant scheduling
disadvantage relative to ordinary Linux processes, and this could be
even worse than the status quo. It might make sense to do this for
"low-priority" threads though, but very few apps would create those.

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