Mutual Debugging Efforts

James at
Wed Mar 12 11:00:19 CST 2003

Hi folks,

I've installed Wine RPM from RH 8.0. _*Very*_ impressed with the goal,
and the progress so far! (Red Hat seem only to offer an RPM of the
20020605 version, so I am hoping they'll release a newer one soon.)

In trying to get applications working, I have a small number of tips,
workarounds, queries about peculiar Wine behaviour, and so forth.

I can't find anything relevant in the Codeweavers 'zilla database, but
I'm not sure I've been very successful at asking the right questions
anyway ;)

Is this a reasonable place to present my findings and/or ask if others
have encountered similar issues? The issues are application-related, but
they often seem to be related to Wine configuration and/or anomalies
(?bugs) so that's why I tried this mailing list first. (I can't get to a
news feed at the moment.)

Thanks in advance,

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