Oleaut32 Debug Messages

Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 11:52:29 CST 2003

> This way we can eliminate the DPRINTF macro which is
> rarely used, and thus confusing. Alexandre?

Hence my suggestion to only use MESSAGE and DPRINTF inside dumping
functions that can be elimated with macros. But as far as cosmetics
go, i don't see how TMSG and TMS2 are any more ugly than MESSAGE.
Check the code before the patch, its just as bad...

The real problem with MESSAGE is that you don't know what kind of
message its contructing, trace, debug or err. so therefore you cant
just get rid of it in debug.h without knowing the context its used

The real solution is a total re-write of the dumping code in the
affected files. But im working on the low level variant stuff at the
moment, so that will have to wait.


p.s. It seems the 1st 2 patches i sent (documentation 1 & 2) havent
made it through, i'll resend those tomorrow.

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