Determining dll imports in dlls

Brad Campbell brad at
Thu Mar 13 22:07:06 CST 2003

G'day all,

I'm using wine in a small control system to run a gui win32 program.
I had an idea that I could determine what dll's this program used and 
only including the files that were required to run this program.

I started by doing a strings on the .exe file and using that to 
determine which .dlls it referenced. I thought I could use the same 
process to determine which dll's were then referenced by the dll's the 
.exe pulled in. Plus including the core dll's by default.

Am I missing something, or will this work ?

I'm in the process of developing a batch file to do it for me, is there 
a more accurate way of determining which dll's a dll references than 
doing a text search for dll names in the binary?

  / \

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