Determining dll imports in dlls

Brad Campbell brad at
Fri Mar 14 01:02:19 CST 2003

Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> Am I wrong, or are you wanting to run a windows program without wine ?
> This obviously wont work.
You misunderstand me. What I'm trying to do is see how many 
files I can leave off the flash drive and still have the application 
fully functional.
For example, I'm not using any sound/multimedia for this system, so it 
would be nice to be able to delete that functionality.

I want to see what dll's my .exe file imports, and only include the 
required files onto the flash drive.
At the moment, I do a full wine install and run with that (Well, I 
remove all .def files, files and strip the libs and executables 
to get the size down) My current tar-gzipped wine install is down to 
3.8MB linked against libc6 and a cut down Xfree 4.2.1. If I can leave 
out some of the files that never get referenced then I can get 
it down smaller.

  / \

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