Fwd: failure delivery

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Sat Mar 15 07:22:47 CST 2003

Jon Griffiths wrote:
>>>any reason why not use DllMain instead of patching winebuild ?
>>If you mean the DllMain of msvcrt, there is no way for the it to
>>what type of app is calling it AFAICS. Only the generated main
>>and should inform msvcrt when it starts. Also the handling of
>>is different for natively build apps linked with msvcrt: they
>>eventually have a different loop than ExitProcess(main())
>>Some of these settings can be overriden and should be handled by
>>.exe file. Wildcard expansion and the user math errors come to
but in most of the cases, this is a linker issue (overriding in user's 
compilation units symbols which come from libraries - in this case the C 
runtime libraries)
perhaps a better way would be to add another layer:
- instead of calling directly the user defined main function, then call 
another one, which would perform the next initialization steps (main vs. 
wmain calling, _matherr overriding, command line expansion...)

Eric Pouech

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