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--- Eric Pouech <eric.pouech at> wrote:

> any reason why not use DllMain instead of patching winebuild ?

If you mean the DllMain of msvcrt, there is no way for the it to know
what type of app is calling it AFAICS. Only the generated main knows,
and should inform msvcrt when it starts. Also the handling of main()
is different for natively build apps linked with msvcrt: they should
eventually have a different loop than ExitProcess(main())

Some of these settings can be overriden and should be handled by the
.exe file. Wildcard expansion and the user math errors come to mind.
The patch doesn't allow for that yet, since i figured it would be
best to see if any developers actually _do_ override the default c
library initialisation in their win32 apps before supporting it under


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